Photo: Inger Johanne Iversen, Sevan SSP

Tell us a little bit about yourself:  

My name is Amalie and I am 22 years old. I am from Froland outside Arendal, south in Norway. This autumn I am starting my 5th year at Marine Technology in Trondheim with the specialization in Marine Structural Engineering.  


What tasks have you been assigned this summer in Sevan SSP?  

I am looking at the consequences of dropped objects on deck. I am making an Excel sheet that calculates and checks for failure modes. This Excel sheet is an efficient way to address dropped object scenarios in an early phase design of exposed decks, and will be used internally by Sevan SSP. The Excel sheet will be calibrated towards non-linear finite element analyses carried out in Abaqus.   


What makes Sevan SSP an attractive place for your summer internship? 

Sevan SSP is a company which is highly relevant for my background in Marine Technology and my specialization in marine structures. In addition I think Sevan SSP is a very interesting company with a lot of experience and exciting projects. I find it exciting to work in a company with close cooperation across all departments, so that I get the chance to know and work with a lot of people with different backgrounds. Also the fact that Sevan SSP has an office here in Arendal suits me very well.


What made you interested in marine technology?   

I have always been interested in mathematics and physics and wanted to be an engineer. I was at “Jentedagen” at NTNU during my final year in high school and found out that Trondheim was the perfect place to study. I am also interested in the Ocean and this made Marine Technology a correct and exciting choice for me.  


What are your summer holiday plans?  

For the summer I want to drive around and visiting places in Norway, go hiking and have some hammock tours. In addition I am going to my family’s cabin by the sea in Tvedestrand.  

Sevan SSP is very excited to have Amalie on board this summer!

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