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Boutique Norwegian marine engineering and design house well placed to capitalise on execution capabilities and global reach of its new Singapore-based parent.

Sevan Marine ASA is no more but the Norwegian design and engineering company’s technological legacy is very much alive. Its team is still intact too but now operates under a new banner: Sevan SSP.

The formation of Sevan SSP follows the recent sale of Sevan Marine’s intellectual property and other assets to Sembcorp Marine of Singapore, and subsequent merger with Sembmarine SSP.
Sembmarine SSP, a Houston-based Sembcorp Marine subsidiary, focuses on the design, engineering and construction of floating production and drilling solutions for the oil and gas industry.

With expanded technical capabilities and a wider global footprint, the merger leaves Sevan SSP well placed to progress in the years ahead, according to managing director Reese McNeel.
While much has changed McNeel says his firm will continue to market the same cylindrical hull technology that put Sevan SSP on the map, and remains committed to the development and execution of what he describes as “cost-effective solutions” for the offshore sector.

“The in-depth expertise of our team – and experience with the Sevan SSP design – haven’t changed but we now have a stronger execution partner following the transaction with Sembcorp Marine,” he added.
“Sevan SSP is a leaner, more flexible organisation that’s equipped to offer flexible execution models, from a core hull design package to full EPCC with support from Sembcorp Marine. We can adapt to individual customer preferences with more ease than ever before.”

Other benefits of the alliance include access to Sembcorp Marine’s network of world-class construction facilities, and the ability to leverage its extensive cache of engineering solutions to strengthen the cylindrical hull design pioneered by Sevan SSP.
With no need for a turret and fewer crew, cylindrical hulls for floating production and drilling units are touted as a cost-effective alternative to traditional ship-shaped turret moored designs.

Whether it’s winter storms in the North Sea, cyclones in Australia or hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, the combination of in-hull storage capacity, deck weight capacity and favourable motion characteristics makes the cylindrical hull uniquely suited for deployments in the deepest, coldest and harshest marine environments on the planet.

Sevan SSP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine. In addition to its Oslo base, the company maintains offices in Bergen, Arendal and Houston.

This article is made by the journalist, Aaron Kelley – NHST Global Publication

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