Photo: Sevan SCUP

Sevan recently conducted a successful model test of the Sevan SCUP concept at Stadt Towing Tank.

The Sevan SCUP concept is a hull design for Small Cylindrical Unmanned Platforms, and basis for the Sevan Floating Substation and the Sevan Floating Injection Unit (FIU).

The Sevan SCUP is a compact design, capable of housing the equipment inside a fully sheltered hull. The low freeboard allows waves to partially pass over the unit, a feature that has now been tested and verified in extreme conditions. The successful completion of the model test is a significant milestone for the Sevan SCUP, and the results will be used in the further development of the cost effective and versatile solution.

The Sevan Floating Substation is designed to collect, transform, and export energy generated by offshore floating wind turbines, while the Sevan Floating Injection Unit (FIU) plays an important part in the Stella Maris CCS value chain, where it receives and injects CO2 in a safe and permanent storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

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