Sevan has unveiled an exciting new development for the innovative floating wind foundation, SWACH™ Wind. In addition to its traditional steel construction (commonly used in FPSOs and drilling rigs), Sevan has now introduced a concrete construction option.

The inclusion of concrete as a construction material provides enhanced flexibility in executing the SWACH™ Wind projects, allowing for construction in a broader range of locations. This alternative material option not only offers construction advantages but also holds the potential for a significant reduction in carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable solution. Furthermore, utilizing concrete construction may facilitate increased local content, promoting regional economic development.

Renowned for its robust stability and excellent motion characteristics, the SWACH™ concept is the preferred choice for long time operation in harsh environments. A minimum amount of permanent equipment and a passive ballast system will reduce maintenance requirements.

The introduction of the concrete solution marks a major milestone for Sevan’s floating wind foundation, expanding its applications in the renewable energy sector and enhancing its adaptability to various project requirements.

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