Otto Skjåstad

Head of Engineering and Technology 

In harsh marine environments, the cylindrical Sevan FPSO design is a proven and cost effective solution. Given the cylindrical shape and lack of rotation, the design has also proven in multiple tests to handle substantial sea ice . For extreme sea ice or iceberg infested regions, a diconnectable unit may be preferred. Sevan’s solution is based on a NOV APL disconnectable buoy and builds on NOV APL’s extensive experience and proven track record.  When applied to the Sevan unit, the NOV APL buoy is without a turret and swivel.  

The market is changing and is becoming more complex. Continued innovation is a must. At Sevan, we continue to improve the cylindrical hull design to satisfy our customers changing needs in the oil & gas and renewables marketplace.

Sevan SSP

We deliver – Deeper, Colder, Harsher

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