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Harsh Environment Midwater Drilling Unit

Gunnar Johnson Manager Drilling and Special Projects Existing Sevan deepwater drilling rigs provide a very robust and stable platform for drilling operations. The enclosed moonpool, the large load carrying capacity and fuel efficient DP operation have been valued by...

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Western Isles at plateau production

  Line Bliksmark Marketing and Business Development Coordinator This article may be read in full at following link:  http://www.upstreamonline.com/hardcopy/1463987/dana-on-top-at-its-flagship-western-isles-development According to Upstream, Dana Petroleum confirmed...

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Offloading systems

  Tord Broms Thorsen Senior Engineer Offloading and Marine Analysis Offloading from cylindrical geostationary Sevan units differs somewhat from traditional tandem offloading operations from ship shaped units. When accommodating offloading from the geostationary Sevan...

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Arendal Spirit

Arendal Spirit is a FLOTEL (floating accommodation) unit based on a Sevan 300 hull. The Sevan 300 hull was originally constructed to be used for a FPSO project but as the global offshore market changed, it was re-designed to become the first Sevan cylindrical, DP...

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Eni very pleased with Sevan SSP hull design and concept

  Line Bliksmark Marketing and Business Development Coordinator The country manager and CEO of Eni Norway, Phil Hemmens, was interviewed on February 12th by the Norwegian online magazine E24.no regarding the development of the Goliat field in the Barents Sea. Mr....

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Sevan SSP units vs Boeing 747

Sevan SSP FPSO's are flexible and easily scalable. To illustrate the dimensions of our FPSO's, we have compared some of our models;  Sevan 300, Sevan 400 and Sevan 1000 with a Boieng 747. Read more about us and our different FPSO models below Sevan 300 - Voyageur...

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