Gunnar Johnson

Manager Drilling and Special Projects

Existing Sevan deepwater drilling rigs provide a very robust and stable platform for drilling operations. The enclosed moonpool, the large load carrying capacity and fuel efficient DP operation have been valued by the operator and their clients.

Based on the experience from existing deepwater drilling units, a unit for operation in harsh environments has been developed. The main focus in the design development has been to provide an efficient drilling factory that meets the future demands for environmental friendly operation.

The main features of the new design are:

  • Operating depth from 100 to 1500 m
  • Ice strengthened hull
  • Winterized
  • Moored without thruster assist 90% of the time (Barents Sea Operation)
  • Full DP3 capability
  • High Variable Drilling Load capacity

Reduced environmental footprint is obtained via:

  • Closed loop on main power and six split on main power distribution
  • Batteries for peak load shaving and spinning reserves
  • Extensive use of variable frequency drives
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Reduced NOx emissions by use of exhaust scrubbers
  • Spill protection by enclosed moonpool
  • Installed power reduced by 40%
  • Fuel consumption reduced by 20% in DP mode


Improved working environment and safety via:

  • Automated drilling for efficient and consistent operation
  • Condition Based Monitoring with access for remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Online well planning from shore
  • Drive-off from well on batteries only

An option for an arctic version will also be available including:

  • Hull designed to PC 4 notation
  • Full winterization with enclosed work areas