Sevan SSP has been busy during the summer! Our Tow Master Dave Talloen with assistance from Even Sandøy Nærum participated on the disconnection of the Sevan designed FPSO, Voyageur Spirit.

As part of the decommissioning of the Huntington field in the North Sea, Voyageur Spirit FPSO was disconnected from her mooring system and towed to shore. Sevan SSP participated in the project. A deck team from Sevan SSP successfully prepared the mooring lines for disconnection of the lines by the AHV Skandi Iceman for sail-away. Simultaneously, Sevan SSP tow masters ensured to maintain the safety and the integrity of the position keeping during sail away preparations and ensuing tow to inshore waters at Kishorn, west of Scotland.

For more information about the Voyageur Spirit design, visit our website.