Sevan SSP and its parent company, Sembcorp Marine, are continuing with the pre-FID engineering work for Siccar Point Energy’s Cambo FPSO in anticipation of development sanction on the project in late 2021. The group has been working with Siccar Point since 2019 to develop an innovative cylindrical FPSO for the Cambo field.

This unique design-and-build project is based on Sevan’s proprietary geostationary circular hull, a proven design that has excellent sea-keeping and motion characteristics with enhanced stability and operational performance for safe operation in challenging conditions and harsh environments.

The design allows for modularised fabrication and assembly and scalability, and eliminates the need for a costly mooring system, making it a cost-efficient alternative to traditional floating barge solutions.

The favourable motions of the Sevan hull, in particular in mid- to deepwater harsh environments, makes it suitable for deployment on the rough seas of the Cambo field.  Located in the Corona Ridge area outside of the Shetland Islands at a water depth of 1,100 m,  Cambo contains over 800 million barrels of oil in place.

The Sevan solution is not limited to offshore oil applications and can be adapted to an array of gas and renewable energy solutions.  The group continues to receive enquiries relating to Sevan’s circular hull solutions from existing and potential customers including those in the areas of gas and renewable energy involving digitalisation, carbon capture and electrification-related solutions.

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