Offloading from Goliat FPSO.  PHOTO: JAN HARALD TOMASSEN / NRK

As we enter 2021 and having seen Sevan floaters in operations for nearly 15 years, we experience the 500th offloading from the Sevan FPSOs operating in the North Sea/Barents Sea fields. The offloading methodology for a geostationary Sevan FPSO has proven successful in harsh environments, loading onto DP shuttle tankers. Throughout the years, Sevan SSP has built up extensive experience and an efficient design tool for offloading system design, providing sufficient offloading availability for the operating FPSOs.

Before starting the offloading, the hose is transferred from the FPSO to the tanker. This video shows transfer of the messenger line from the the Hummingbird Spirit FPSO before offloading in September 2020:

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